On June 3 starts in Horst aan de Maas the project “Kunstenaar Op Bezoek (KOB), Westenwind Kracht 12, organized by Foundation Horst Futures.

New Website

Hanneke Breuker will use this new website as an archive, showing diversity and various disciplines. The works will be presented in chronological order. In the coming months works from the underlaying period wil be added.

Book: De Aanschouw, Rotterdam. Book presentation December 3, 2023 Over 1000 exhibitions. Design 75B

My contribution to the book: De Aanschouw over 1000 expositions on less than 1m2 het Overschilderschilderij layer 109, PioneerPlants no. 7, 2015. Initiators Daan den Houter & Edo Dijksterhuis, design 75B, photography Walter Birkhoff, Waanders publishers

November 26, 2023 Part 4 from a serie of books on generations of Rotterdam based artists in which changes in time and art climate are presented. Photography Rick Messemaker. Interview by Fred Balvert

26 november 2023

Presentation at TENT. of the book: Inspiration? No.....Hard Work! with interviews of 50 Rotterdam based artists.